• Multi-function foam machine(图文

    Multi-function foam machine......

  • 6198 Oil Pumping Machine

    6198 Oil Pumping Machine......

  • 6197 Oil Pumping Machine

    6197 Oil Pumping Machine......

  • 6194Oil Pumping Machine

    6194Oil Pumping Machine......


Company introduction

ZHANGJIAGANG SUFENG MACHINE MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD. is a professional development,integrated production and sale enterprise in the field of motor vehicle maintenance.Its main products:oil drainer,foam washing machine,wet & dry vacuum cleaner and so on.Since it was founded in 2003,depending on professional technique,scientific management system and strict quality control produre,the scale is enlarged gradually and the products are not only sold at domestic,but also exported to POLAND,ITALY,GERMANY,ENGLAND Aand so on. Based on market only quality,innovation can progress,we perfect ourselves step by step,while doing pre-sale,sale and after-sale service well.all we are living for is consumer's satisfaction after all,it is our long aim to build the win-win cooperation relationship..


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