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The advantages of gear oil injectors?


Ordinary repair shops or 4S shops are replacing gear oils or transmission oils. The hand-pressed iron drums are used repeatedly and are not clean. Therefore, any oil inside is not clean and pollutes. Good transmission oil. Therefore, it is recommended that you can bring your own dispenser, you can not mix with other oils to facilitate their own use.

It is not difficult to replace the manual transmission oil. With two jacks to support the car, 35 centimeters from the ground is sufficient. Then unscrew the oil drain screw of the transmission oil pan and discharge the waste oil. The specific position is below the manual gearbox. The oil drain screw is usually side-mounted, which is different from the oil drain screw (bottom). Then screw on the drain screw, unscrew the filler screw, and on the side of the upper point, connect the filler and press the new gear oil little by little. Use your fingers to reach inside the filling port to explore the area. If you touch the oil, you can prove that the filling volume is sufficient. Tighten the filler screw. Then remove the jack. It's OK.