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Application of ozone disinfection machine


 With the increasing emphasis on the environment and health of the society, various industries are paying more and more attention to ecology and disinfection. The most obvious is that the technology in the field of ozone disinfection has become more and more mature. The ozone disinfection machine has also been known by most people. We all know that the effect of ozone disinfection is very efficient and thorough, thus replacing other conventional disinfection methods, and has been widely used in various industries.

In the field of ozone disinfection, the most commonly used in our daily life is the fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping ozone sterilizer. It is reported that about 50% of vegetables in China each year are stored and transported improperly and the local backlog can only be treated as garbage. Therefore, here we can use our ozone disinfection technology to make fruits and vegetables foods to reduce the growth of bacteria to achieve the effect of preservation and longer storage time. Greatly solve the problem of waste of resources.
There is also the waste of water resources, causing the phenomenon of water crisis. The major causes of the water crisis are waste and pollution. It is reported that about 600 million cubic meters of water are polluted into wastewater every year. Therefore, our equipment for ozone disinfection is a natural detoxifier for efficient sterilization, and it has been adopted by many enterprise users. Of course, outside these areas, our ozone disinfection technology has also played an essential role in the fields of aquaculture, agriculture, food processing, and medical equipment.
The various industries in the society are still developing rapidly, and our lives will surely be gradually threatened by more bacteria and viruses. We all know that in the future we will only use more and more industries in the field of ozone disinfection technology. The common wish of the whole society is that people's quality of life will not be affected by exhaust gas and other factors.