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Car beauty wax machine detailed instructions


 Car beauty wax machine detailed instructions:

First, no power supply and air supply are required. This machine adopts patented technology and can be normally used only with the water pressure of ordinary tap water. It is your protection from frequent feeding, water addition and other annoyances. This machine is a three-fluid automatic dispensing device that can be used as a single liquid.
Second, the role and advantages of the fifth-generation intelligent distribution machine
1. The machine is professionally used for car washing and automatic watering function in car beauty shop, saving labor cost and saving construction time, convenient and quick.
2, the latest advantages: the combination of the latest water and gas hybrid, to solve the traditional distribution machine by the water pressure limit, the diameter of the pipe, easy to plug and back phenomenon.
3, the biggest advantage: multi-station work does not affect the use of long life, low failure rate, beautiful, safe, on the grade. It is definitely a good companion for the latest exquisite car wash.